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¿Son realmente seguros los vasos de papel desechables?


Ante todo,vasos de papel desechables aren't just made of paper. To make the paper cup insoluble, a thin layer of polyethylene plastic is placed on the inside of the paper cup,which prevents the cup from getting soggy while also keeping the contents somewhat warm. Many people think that a layer of wax on the paper cup, in fact, it is not a layer of polyethylene, one of the main components of the paper cup, so the key to the problem falls on this layer of polyethylene (PE) material. PE material applicable temperature is generally below 100℃, if you use adisposable paper cups to drink water, in the case of high temperature plastic inside the low molecular substances and additives may dissolve in water, in addition, there are individual bad manufacturers in order to reduce the cost and use waste paper processing paper cup, and add talc, fluorescent whitening agent and other substances, harm health.

Considere vasos de papel desechablesDesechable are difficult to recycle. Polyethylene plastic is coated on the inner wall of the paper cup. This layer of plastic is inseparable from the paper cup, making it difficult for the paper factory to recycle paper. Because plastic only accounts for 5% of the weight of the paper cup, only a thin layer, the plastic factory also expressed disgust, do not want. Theoretically, recycled paper cupscan be used to make low-grade cartons, such as shoe boxes, express packaging, but because of the high cost of recycling, transportation, processing and so on, enterprises are not willing to do a loss. Basically, the cups end up being incinerated. But at present, there are also a lot of fast food restaurants, coffee shops, milk tea shops, etc., have adopted polylactic acid coated paper cup to replace polyethylene coated paper cup. 

¿Quizás todavía hay muchas personas que no saben qué es el recubrimiento de ácido poliláctico?

Es un material respetuoso con el medio ambiente que se puede utilizar en vasos de papel desechables. El poli (ácido láctico) está hecho de materias primas de almidón propuestas por recursos vegetales renovables (como el maíz), que pueden ser biodegradables y tienen suficientes materias primas y se pueden reciclar. . Es un material de polímero verde ideal, que puede realizar el reciclaje devasos de papel desechables. Sin embargo, el costo del poli(ácido láctico) es relativamente alto, una tonelada de polietileno cuesta alrededor de 12.000 yuanes y una tonelada de poli(ácido láctico) cuesta alrededor de 24.000 yuanes.